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Help children learn about time and develop healthy habits and routine

Learn about time with Pixie, Stressy & Time-Buster 

Swing Watch is the modern watch for kids with 3 options available!

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Analogue watch design teaches children how to tell time

 Unlike other digital kids smart watches in the market, the Swing Watch teaches kids the relationship between the hour, minute, and second hands. Press a button, and it lights up with clear voice time telling. Think Siri for kids smart watches.

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Integrating technologies with traditional analog watch

High quality analog watch module

Embedded speaker to remind kid the time and Activity (e.g. Time to wake up!)

Activity sensor and UV sensor to monitor child's health.

As the world’s first analog smartwatch for kids, Swing Watch combines the benefits traditional analog watch with today’s technologies.

Fine quality that is made to be durable, water resistant, and comfortable to wear.

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Plan & schedule

Easy to use daily schedule planner teaches your child how to manage time in a fun and social way.

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Healthy activities tracker, sets good routines in a fun, and easy way

Our activity tracker shows how many steps your child has taken each day either outdoors or indoors. This data can easily help you plan your child’s play time with maximum health benefits.

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UV tracker 

Getting enough sun?

Proper amount of sunlight is important to children's health. Swing watch provides data that help you determine how much activities your child spend indoor vs. outdoor.

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The way children sense time is different from adults

Generally speaking, children start to learn about the concept about time around first grade. They can understand the linear concept about past, present and future such as yesterday, today and tomorrow when they are in third grade.


But when it comes to managing time, nearly none of the children will think like this: “I learned something new today and I need to do my homework as soon as possible.” The lack of handling schedule wisely by themselves is one of the reason why parents need to remind them relentlessly.


And we believe the design of Swing Watch is the best tool for your kids to learn how to manage time wisely all by themselves.

Learn how to manage time as soon as possible

In your childhood, you probably don’t have a lot of opportunities to learn about following your schedule coordinately.


With Swing Watch and its application, you can set up your schedule in advance, and there will be an voice alert when time is up. More importantly, when you and your kids set up the events together, they gave the sense of accomplishment when they reach their goal.


If they can finish routine on time since their childhood, they are more likely to be more confident and good at planing in the future.


Please see mobile compatibility on SUPPORT page. 


The analog smart watch you are looking for!

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