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We know that your child’s happiness and health mean everything to you. That’s why we designed Swing Watch, to give you more playing, learning, and bonding time with your kids.


Swing Watch connects your family by organizing your basic daily routines! Come explore the fun of Swing Watch!

The Swing Watch is designed with you and your kid’s daily routines in mind. Good habits are formed from day one. Swing Watch is the first ever analog smartwatch with your kid’s natural developmental stages in mind.

When paired with the Swing Watch app, you can easily make daily routines like getting ready for kindergarten fun! We designed our app to make chores, doing homework, and going to bed a happy time.

Why it matters?

We want your children to be healthy, successful, and happy. A great way is to establish a daily routine. With Swing Watch,


Your children will:

Learn time management, discipline, and responsibility

Develop a sense of accomplishment by completing daily tasks

Adopt healthy habits, leading to a long-term healthy lifestyle

You will:

Enjoy better quality family time

Have more personal time to stay on track and relax

Learn more & special offer

Contact us to learn more about Swing Watch and our Special offer.


 At Kids Dynamic, our goal is to help children and parents create more time for playing, learning, and bonding. Our inspiration comes from loving parents everywhere. There is no substitute for parents love and patience. Kids Dynamic will continue to work with parents to explore innovative ways to make parents' jobs a little easier. 

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