Swing Watch, which combines the traditional analog watch with today’s technologies, is the perfect companion that helps kids learn the concept of time and develop a healthy routine.


Swing Watch是現代的兒童指針智慧型手錶,結合了傳統手錶的外觀與當今的科技技術,提供學齡兒童一個有趣的方式建立時間觀念

Ocean Blue 天空藍

  • Features include:

    • Time Announcement
    • Activity Announcement & Reminder
    • Calendar
    • UV sensor
    • Activity Sensor



    • Movement: quartz
    • Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0
    • Sensor: 3-axis, UV sensor
    • Battery: 1 week
    • Charger: USB adapter
    • Water splash resistance: IP55
    • Strap: silicone


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