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How to teach kids to tell time? Easy, with Swing Watch!


What does your kid’s kindergarten teacher do when he/she is trying to teach the kids how to tell time? Here’s s step by step inside the classroom.

  1. Teach the kids how to draw the face of an analogue clock on paper.

  2. Pie pieces divided into 5’s on the analogue clock.

  3. As photographed above, show the kids how the hour and minute hands works.

  4. Draw in seconds marks, and show them there are 60 seconds in a minute.

Next the teachers use scheduling in school to teach kids planning, and the concept of time management. Do you see your kid’s classrooms with a big analogue clock on the wall and below it a class schedule?

The Swing Watch does all the above with a cute analogue smart watch design, paired with an easy to use app. The best part is, in the kindergarten classroom, the teachers just need to have all the students wear a Swing Watch, and his/her job of teaching the children how to tell time and the concept of a healthy routine would be easy as pie, fun, and interactive. What a new, fun way to incorporate learning and technology in the classroom today!

If you would like to order some Swing Watches for your kid’s kindergarten classroom, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

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