Building good routines early, the key to your kid’s healthy growth!

Balancing work and family can be easier with some help. We are here to help. A major part in helping children grow up to be happy, healthy, and balanced is to build in good habits and good routines. Studies have shown (article) that kids with set routines are happier and flourish in social settings as they grow. Kids need structure, and giving them set schedules will bring them joy, security, and pave a healthy path to being the best they can be.

This is the number 1 reason and inspiration for us at Kids Dynamic to design and create the first analogue watch that’s connected to your smart phone with our Swing App. With a few simple steps, you can have your child follow a healthy and happy routine daily by setting up the times they wake up for school, the time to eat, the time to play outdoors and indoors, the time to take a bath, and time for bedtime stories. Think of the Swing Watch as your best timekeeper for your family. No more difficulty getting your child up for school, to eat a healthy meal, come home from playing at the park, or taking a nice bath. The Swing Watch will teach everyone in the family to enjoy every moment of the day without stressing over plans.

From our extensive market research, we know for a fact that kids love to see the Swing Watch light up with clear voice instructions on the current time, with reminders of these healthy routines. Learning about healthy routines at a young age can be easy, fun, and playful with the Swing Watch. Try it, and you will see how easy it is to get your child’s day going on a great start!

Coming up next week, we will show you how to build good routines, the step by step guide!