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Happy Zia - the real story of a 6-year-old gymnast

Happy Zia wearing the Swing Watch!

Hello fellow tech savvy moms and dads! We at Kids Dynamic are so happy and excited to share with you a little story, of a happy 6 year old girl named Zia.

Cyan, our designer for the Swing Watch has some of the most busy, but also loving parents as her good friends and neighbors. The dad is an architect and the mom is a busy actress, both modern, loving parents. This week, Cyan went to visit Zia and her parents to see how living with the Swing Watch has helped the household.

Here’s one of the best conversations about family time, balancing schedules, and how much a nicely designed smart watch, the Swing Watch can help bring more fun, and happiness to you and your children’s daily lives.


In the living room of the Chang household, with Zia playing with her Swing Watch, and mom and dad uploading events in the app as Cyan looks on.

CYAN: Zia, what time is it?

(ZIA, looking at the Swing Watch with a big smile.)

ZIA: It’s 7:47! Let me listen to the Swing Watch if I got it.

(ZIA presses the Swing Watch button, it lights up and says to her.)

SWING WATCH: It’s Seven: Forty-seven.

(ZIA with big open eyes of excitement, and enthusiastically says and gestures to high-five Cyan.)


(DAD with his phone in his hands, playing with the Swing Watch app, says to Zia.)

DAD: Whenever I tell you to wake up for school every morning, you don’t, and how come when the Swing Watch tells you to, you get up and gets ready for school so easily?

(ZIA looks at her dad with her big eyes, and grins. 😁 She quickly changes the subject and mentions proudly.)

ZIA: My kindergarten classmates all like my Swing Watch because of its colors, it lights up, and also speaks to me!

(Zia, mom and dad, and Cyan all enjoyed the rest of the evening with the Swing Watch and some good conversations.)

Designed with the best combinations of colors, real analog watch interface, clear vocal instructions from the Swing Watch, Zia is happy and proud to wear her Swing Watch everywhere, everyday with a big smile.

This little short story is exactly why the team here at Kids Dynamic is doing what we do best; design, engineer, produce, and ship our simple, fun, and educational smart watches for you and your children.

We are honored to help make your family’s US time, the BEST time!

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